Guest Post by Sam Gregory

Guest Post by Sam Gregory

I extend a warm welcome to Samantha “Sam” Gregory, here to tell you about her Inner Daemons series of books. There is also an Event page on Facebook.

So, without further ado;



Inner Daemons Book Event

Guest Post By Samantha Gregory

I started writing the Daemon series back in 2010 and it was published in 2013. Mackenzie Murphy pretty much walked straight onto the page. I wanted a tough character, who despite having a difficult childhood and upbringing, is still a decent person. Mackenzie had to deal with her mother going to jail when Mackenzie was only eleven, and then being put into the foster system.

As a child she discovered her ability to control demonic shadows and have them do her bidding. She was terrified of her gift for a long time, but gradually learned to use it when she needed help.

I have had the story, which runs across four books, mapped out for years. Daemon Battle and Daemon War are books three and four in the series and are out in the Fall 2016 and Summer 2017 respectively.


Madness Cover (1) Daemon Battlefinal-page-001

The event I am hosting during July 2nd and 3rd, will offer several giveaway options including a $25 Amazon Gift card and the chance to win a Kindle Fire 7โ€ tablet.

Participants can take part in the event by Clicking here.

The giveaway runs through my website too.

And as a special treat, book 1 โ€“ Daemon Persuasion will be FREE during the event.


Thanks, Sam!

I would like to offer my apologies to all, for this is less than is deserved to announce her achievement. I must blame my lack of a computer with any guts to perform the actions required.

But, please, don’t let my shortcomings deter you from checking her works out.

I’ll leave you all with my usual salutations:


— John

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  1. I agree with you, it should always be quality over quantity. However sadly most people will only follow if you return the gesture, unless one is a celebrity of course.

  2. Yes very much so, quality over quantity and that’s how it should be too. One shouldn’t be forced to connect for the sake of a follower, but sadly that’s how things are working and moving towards nowadays.

  3. She does have some great works out.

    Plus, I needed a post, haha. I do admire Sam and her accomplishments, as well as many more I have (virtually) met on Facebook. I’m still wondering what made so many decide to connect with me, not just there, but on Twitter, too. I know a lot of the Twitter stuff is people trying to have massive numbers of followers, but I refuse to connect with anyone I don’t think will be an influence. Know what I mean?


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