Demons, Devils & Denizens of Hell Anthology

Demons, Devils & Denizens of Hell Anthology

Demons, Devils & Denizens of Hell ӀӀ

I have been tagged on Facebook to participate in this Anthology by one of my Facebook Friends, Becky Narron. As I have written a few other shorts for such calls, I figured I’d give this one a try, too.


Just to update, since it has been too long I haven’t, I #amwriting, #amediting, #amrevizing. I’ve been working on restructuring and filling in blank spots on The Barbarian (the story on the blog is now outdated), making his story more complete. It’s going to take a while.

I decided I’d take a break and make something new, then I’ll go back to editing, if you want to call it that.

For this story, though I haven’t come up with a title yet, I figured I’d make another serial killer, as I did with Hell’s Beginning (also submitted to Hellbound Book Publishingcontracted and in their slush pile for editing NOW AVAILABLE, plus the Audio version has recently hit the Æther).

Without further ado, I give you a small teaser for the current work. In hopes that it will whet your appetite and cause some small anticipation for the completion.

Duplicate Counterpart

Agent Herman Schmidt had never seen such vicious crimes. In his 30 years of service, he had witnessed some of the various atrocities one human could do, either to another person or a group of people. However, the mess left by this perpetrator outdid anything he’d had to bear investigating.

Schmidt knew this criminal. The man’s name; Marcus Arless. He liked to call himself an artist, leaving a trail of his so-called art in his wake.

In reality, he left nothing more than death and destruction. Every scene this butcher made revealed how demented his mind had to be. Schmidt couldn’t fathom how anyone could do what Marcus did.

Unlike most killers, he didn’t have a set Modus Operandi, save the signature on the corpses. He sliced his name on the bodies he mutilated, always making sure to leave it in plain sight. None of his victims suffered the same fate other than a final demise.

(To Be Continued)

Now, I do have more than this written as of the date of this posting, but I feign to post it based on my decision to keep my website “family friendly.” It continues in a decidedly Adult manner.

I shall post about it again when I get a decision as to whether it is accepted or not, and/or when published in the anthology in question.

Belated Update

Duplicate Counterpart is published in the Demons, Devils & Denizens of Hell II anthology. I am honored to have been included in it with so many other great Authors.

To get your hands on a copy, hop on over to my Amazon Author Page and click the link there. You can also see the other three seven anthologies I have been published in and my novel Hell’s Beginning.

Take care!

As always, I am open to comments, suggestions, and critiques. Let me know what you think in my comment section below by sending me an email via, could you, please?

That’s all for now!


— John


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