A Personal Update

A Personal Update

More Issues, But Not My Fault

If any recall, around the end of last year, I had a very bad experience with my digestive system. I did write a post about it and got a few well wishes. (By the way, if you gave me some, I again thank you!)

Between then and now, I had an appointment with my Doctor for the worker’s comp injury I got back in 2010, for which I’ve been declared 5% permanently disabled and am getting continuing care. I have been on a couple of pills for a long time, and on my last visit, he gave me one more to add.

Now, let me say here, and spoil the suspense as to what this post might be about, I have looked at possible side effects of many meds I’ve been given in the past, but have not, to my knowledge, ever suffered any. Of course, I had an issue with taking them unless I had pains that needed easing. Yes, I took them on my own schedule instead of as prescribed.

With the injury to my back, though, the pain didn’t really go away, so I started taking these medications closer to the prescribed amounts.

That visit was back in October. I’m seeing him twice a year because any more than that would be… superfluous. Recently, I noticed some of the pain seeping through the medications, and decided to see if some of the pills could be switched with something new.

(Several Doctors through the years have told me that ibuprofen erodes the stomach lining, and that is the main medication they give me. I’m a recovering alcoholic and specify no narcotics to avoid the inevitable addiction involved, and the only thing they think of, apparently, is ibuprofen.)

I started noticing a mood change. I snapped at my Mother, yelled at my Brother, and had little tolerance when the dogs misbehaved. Not just once.

When the April 2016 visit loomed, one of the gum-line cavities in my teeth made it to the nerve and got infected. (Most people can relate, but if you can’t, think white-hot poker resting on the gums and extending along the jaw line almost to the ear. Yeah, ow is an understatement.)

A confession:

A lot of people who know me can attest to some things.

First, I like to smile. I like to kid around and make plays on words. I intentionally contort what people say, and try to make sure they know I’m kidding. I will not tell you I’m serious if I’m not, and don’t like when others do. If you’re not serious, don’t tell me you are.

Second, I am what most folks, myself included, would consider accident prone. In a lot of the jobs I’ve had, well the physical ones as opposed to fast food places and their ilk, I have almost believed that if I didn’t bleed at least a little, I didn’t do something right. When I did bleed, I would continue with the job until done and then take care of it. As long as the fluid didn’t get on the job. In that case, I would go bandage and right back to what I was working on.

I take shortcuts in my route, not on my job. Several employers have been informed that I refuse to sacrifice quality for quantity. Also, when I get rushed, I make more and bigger mistakes. I forget things more when over-pressured. My attitude worsens, and I start putting way too much force if something is resistant, too often resulting in breakage.

Back to topic

So, the weekend before my April visit, my tooth acted up, and I couldn’t get to a dentist who works on a sliding scale until Monday, which is when my back Doctor visit had been scheduled. All weekend, I stayed in bed and covered up to try to sweat the toxins out and relieve the pain a bit. It did work, but not enough.

When I went to that visit, I had more mental faculties on my mouth than my back and didn’t relay my case well enough, and he just added another pill to the salad, if you will. Then, I went to the Dentist and she gave me an antibiotic to fix the infection.

I returned to the tooth puller that Friday, and she did her job.

Last week, I felt like the rollercoaster of life ran over me. Depression the likes of which I have not experienced in a very long time, like back when I used to drink frequently (don’t laugh, that’s how I am saying it.) coupled with thoughts of how I could just walk away, find a hidden area where I wouldn’t be found until it became difficult to identify the remains. Not just thinking about it. Planning it.

Scared yet? It scared me. I called the Doctor’s office and told them, for it had to be resultant of the medications. The Nurse I talked to told me to stop taking those two, which were Tramadol and Cyclobenzaprine. I would continue with Ibuprofen and Gabapentin (click on the side effects tab or scroll down).

Again, this happened on a Friday, and I couldn’t get an appointment till Monday. Once more, I had to “keep it together” for a couple of days. This time, however, I felt better the next day.

In Closing

I’m thinking this whole medication thing has also caused me to not really care if I write anything, so I haven’t for the most part. When I’ve opened my writings, I just couldn’t concentrate, let alone trying to come up with anything to add.

I’ve also stopped using my personal Facebook profile. A couple of cousins, one from each side of the family, had disagreements with some of the things I posted, and I guess I took it a bit more personally than usual. Thing is, even though I’m feeling a lot better emotionally, I don’t really want to start using it again. I don’t know, we’ll see.


If you have made it this far, thank you for reading. Just know that I am trying to get back to writing, but don’t know how or when that will take effect.

I do hope your year has been going a whole lot better, and you continue to have a great year!

If you have found, as I, that there is much to be desired about the progression thus far, I wish for you more fortune than has shone to date. Feel free to link your experiences in the comments, either good or bad. We can all use a bit of encouragement every once in a while.

Treat yourself good, feed yourself well, get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids. That’s what they tell me. I guess half of the suggestions will have to work for now.


— John

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  1. You’ve got a lot on your plate there, John. I hope the weekend was bearable and that you’ve made it to the doctor’s and that they’re able to better help you! Feel better, my friend. Keep writing.


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