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5th Word Of The Day

Fifth Word Of The Day Challenge

So, I guess I’m not doing too poorly with making regular posts. Well, somewhat regular. I am still spending way too much time on Facebook, but the Social Media issues continue and I must make myself available, or at least palpable (readily or plainly seen, heard, perceived, etc.; obvious; evident). [Yes, I still use thesaurus.com and dictionary.com; some may say too much, but hey, I like to variate words to make people think.]

I have written another short story for a Call For Submissions I got tagged in for a Facebook group titled United Stakes of America. I had a bit of fun writing it and only had to delete a section written once. (That’s a tale in itself.)

Now, I’m here, though a day after I got the word. Yesterday, I needed the link for the group and went to Facebook… and got detained. All day. Oops.

Yesterday’s word on both dictionary.com and thesaurus.com (They’re related, if you haven’t guessed):


Definitions for meritorious
  1. deserving praise, reward, esteem, etc.; praiseworthy:
    to receive a gift for meritorious service.

The Party

Genre: ??? You tell me.

Sofie felt she might be nearing the end of her patience. All month, she planned the party; rearranging the apartment, telling people not to say anything as she invited them, stashing decorations she would put up on her best friend’s birthday. All that ruined.

Jill came down with the flu just days before the event. Now, Sofie had to go back to everyone she told to come and rescind the invites. She hated going back on her commitments.

Many of the people offered their condolences and some even asked if they could stop by just for a moment to give Jill her presents anyway.

“Of course you can,” Sofie would tell them. “Just don’t blame me if you catch her flu.” She tried to shrug off her annoyance and presented a good mask where others were concerned.

Throughout the day, she attended to Jill, making sure she had juice and water, making soup if her friend felt she might be able to keep something down. She helped her to the bathroom and cleaned up any messes. Never complaining or getting mad.

The night before Jill’s celebration, Sofie stayed up late. She wanted to put up the decorations. It didn’t matter that there would not be an actual party, she wanted Jill to know they had thought about her. There would have been a big to-do.

The morning of Jill’s Birthday, Sofie squeezed oranges, by hand no less, and added a touch of sugar to make the juice taste just right. She pulled out a slender vase and inserted a single red rose, made two slices of toast with apple butter spread on them, just like Jill liked them. She put everything on a tray and left it on the counter while she checked to make see if Jill felt any better.

She opened the bedroom door to find Jill sitting up in bed, and all the friends she invited and uninvited standing or sitting around the bed.

“SURPRISE!” They all called out at once, and Sofie just stood there, not knowing what to do.

Jill held out her hands and wiggled her fingers for Sofie to come to her. With their hands clasped, Jill told her, “I figured you had tried to plan something.” A twinkle lit her tired, red-rimmed brown eyes. “Then, I got this darned flu and felt so bad it would interfere.”

Sofie held back her emotions as best she could. All she had done, and they went behind her for this. “It’s your Birthday, Jill,” she told her bestie. “It’s supposed to be your party.”

“I know.” Jill swung her feet over the side of the bed, with three women coming to her aide and two men pulling Sofie away.

“Oh, no you don’t, Sofie,” Bubba said amicably.

“We are here to help out,” Jesse added. “Both you and Jill will be pampered the likes of which you both deserve.”

Betsey and Mona helped Jill to the door of the restroom as Zoey walked to Sofie and wrapped her in a hug. She leaned back and said, “You both give so much of yourselves, never asking or expecting anything in return.”

“Your meritorious efforts do not go unnoticed, though I’m sure it may seem like they do sometimes.” Jesse and Zoey took Sofie’s arm and entwined them with their own as Bubba went to check on the rest of the crew.

Sofie asked, “So who’s responsible for this little gathering?”

“Oh,” said Jill as the rest joined them going down the hall, “that would be me. Zoey called yesterday to give her condolences and an offer to help. I knew then that you had something up your sleeve, or did until this nasty flu hit me.”

Mona added, “That’s when we decided to get together anyway, just our close-knit little group, to give you both the recognition you deserve.”

As they walked into the living room, Jill saw the decorations and lifted her hands to her face. “You still put the decorations up? Even thou you didn’t expect anyone else to show?” Her eyes welled with happy tears.

Sofie went to embrace her. “Of course. Just because I didn’t want others to be infected with your disease,” she teased. Jill gave her a playful punch and the others chuckled, “Doesn’t mean I would let all this go to waste.”

Sofie and Jill were ushered to the couch as their friends busied themselves with making breakfast. Presents were given, coffee consumed and congeniality abounded.

It’s good to have such loyal friends.

<The End>


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