2015 Blog Statistics

2015 Blog Statistics

Statistics For johntmherres.com

I know, most people have already done this and moved on, but if you remember, I didn’t have a very happy end-of-year experience, and it’s taken me a bit to get back into the swing of things.



We all hear that the New Year is a time to make resolutions intended to encourage us to force a change in our lives. Either to start a diet, the goal to make a smaller you, or to quit this, stop that, get something else done, dedicate oneself to making the goals that have, in all years past, gotten broken way too soon after being made.

I learned that it is setting myself up for failure when I make such grandiose plans, and began stating that, in the New Year, I would endeavor to do just a little better than the previous year. This is so much easier to accomplish.


Here are the stats they sent me;

The WordPress helper-monkeys are working day and night to provide pages and pages of detail on how our blogs are doing.

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 890 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 15 trips to carry that many people.

The busiest day of the year was November 3rd with 17 views. The most popular post that day was Home. (Even though the same stats page said “Home” didn’t have any views, and “Traffic Stop” actually topped the comment count.)


These are the posts that got the most views in 2015. You can see all of the year’s most-viewed posts in your Site Stats.

To see all of my report, visit the page.

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7 Replies to “2015 Blog Statistics”

  1. No, not that there are errors, rather I am not thrilled with the subject, like romance or too much or graphic sex. I don’t care to see that stuff, and stop reading. Also, that religious-type crud (in my opinion) can go somewhere else. I know there are some who enjoy it, but it’s just not for me.

  2. I can relate it to John, however I’m not sure how others would feel but I would truly want honest feedback for my work, even if it meant relaying my downfalls within it. That’s how we grow, that’s how we learn, and I believe that’s how we become better and much improved writers. An editor would do the same, relay exactly what’s wrong with the content and what could be improved.
    Some are happy to take onboard the constructive criticism and some not so much.

  3. I am so glad to hear from one with much the same outlook as mine. I do find it hard to make a comment on a post from someone else if the subject matter doesn’t ‘click’ with me. One helpful comment I’ve gotten said to find just one little thing, and try to leave a positive remark, just to offer encouragement to my fellow writers. I do try that, but at times it is very difficult. Again, we come back to the dilemma of give-and-take.
    Another seeming problem I foresee is the topic of reviews. Will I be able to get any reviews, if my work does get published in any form, if I don’t have the savvy to leave any for the books I read? I have been gifted quite a few books, some with the request to leave a review. Not only have I not finished many, I am not competent in my analysis to leave a review. Recently, though, I got a really good tip; it doesn’t matter if one critiques the work. The review can be simply, “I really liked this title.” I’ll have to try that. IF I can actually get finished reading one.

  4. My pleasure John, it’s a pleasure reading your work, it really is.
    I understand as I sometimes struggle with managing my blog posts and visiting others. This is due to my commitments elsewhere, studying an additional language so times limited.
    However that’s how I have found blogging world, that’s how it works sadly even though it shouldn’t be the case, I value the content of the author more than who visited my blog so therefore I must repay. I value those with the writing talent and drop a few words especially if I loved their work regardless if they visited mine. Everyone has their own taste of writing I guess.

    That’s lovely to hear John and I hope you successfully do get to publish your work. I can relate to the waiting game and yes lol you sound like me, eager to share but all the best with your work John.

  5. That has been one of my issues, trying to get time to go to other blogs. As I am not the fastest reader, I’m not able to hit all the ones I follow.
    Plus, there’s that eternal vacuum called Facebook. It seems the more people who follow me and I follow back, the more notifications I get. I signed on yesterday and had 84 waiting for me, plus they kept coming as I tried to see what others posted and replied, made my own replies where necessary, hit like or ha-ha as needed… you get the picture.
    But I have begun trying to look at one or two blogs per day to read and, if the words resonate, leave a comment.
    I know I can’t expect too many comments on mine if I fail to read and comment on theirs. I am trying, though.
    Thanks for stopping in, as well as checking out more than just one of my pages. It really means a lot!

  6. All the best with your blog John, just keeping up the good work. One key thing I found helps is visiting other bloggers who in turn return the gesture to visit yours and follow you too.


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