This site is set up to introduce everyone to my character and, incidentally, the Hero of my work-in-process “Challenge Of The Velah” science fiction piece. He is called, simply, Velah.
Why, you may ask, would I make a character without naming him or her?
The reason is simple: I didn’t intend to.
I began the story much the same as anything else I’ve written. A sentence formed inside the vast cavern most people call a mind and ricocheted around until I put it on paper (yes, real paper with lines, marked with a pen or pencil), then more followed.
I have edited a bit of it, and the initial words have been altered a bit, but it is still only about 17,000 words long. As stated elsewhere, a small novel contains at least 50,000.
I admit to a little disappointment when I learned that. I thought I would be closer, only needing to make a finale and call it done. But, NOOOOoooooo.
I have had a thought: I wonder how it would be received if I put it out as a part of a trilogy? Not the modern, multiple story line in three books. Rather, as Dean Koontz did when he put out his “Frankenstein” series. Cliffhanger endings, to get the reader stoked about reading the next installment.



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