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Train (2008)

Thora Birch,

Gideon Emery,

Kavan Reece

Ratings: 4.8/10 of 4238 users of IMDb.

Rated R for strong grisly bloody violence, disturbing images, sexual content and language

In Europe, a group of American college athletes unknowingly board a train that will become one deadly ride.


Despite the almost gratuitous gore, I found this intriguing.

The FAQ page on IMDb has an interesting answer to the question, “Is this a remake of the 1980 Jamie Lee Curtis film, ‘Terror Train‘? ” in that it had originally been planned as such. It ended up leaning more toward more gory movies such as Hostel, Turistas and the like, where a group kidnaps vacationing young adults and harvests them for the (rumored) lucrative business of organ transplants, or just an untraceable murder or two.

However, in that same article, the Author stated the rail line, “happens to be run by psychopaths who enjoy murdering and torturing people who take their train.” The movie actually tells the story of people who pay exorbitant amounts of money for organ transplants, taken from unsuspecting victims, and the retribution of “the one that got away”.

Lead by Dr. Velislava, (Koyna Ruseva) it could be said the conductor and security people are “psychopaths who enjoy murdering and torturing people who take their train.“, but the truth is more sinister than that. Each victim gets dissected for certain, varying parts, not just for the fun of doing so like “The Midnight Meat Train“. (By the way, I think Vinnie Jones does extremely well playing a psychopath.)

Thora Birch (some may recognize her as the daughter of Jack Ryan in Patriot Games and Clear And Present Danger at ages ten and twelve, respectively) plays a character traveling with her teammates in Russia for a wrestling competition.

They go to a party the night before they have to catch an early train to the next location, and predictably show up late, making the irate Coach Harris find the next departing train, but the clerk does not understand and ignores him. Dr. Velislava tells of the line she’s waiting for, which goes to their destination.

Boarding that train ended up being the team’s last mistake. All but Alex, played by Birch. She waits until she’s the only one left before making her move and destroying the cars in which her friends died, along with the not-so-good Doctor.

She hides until the train stops, then roams the halls and rooms of the “hospital” looking for answers as to why her friends were murdered. She dashed into a room to avoid some guards, where a patient began complaining of not getting enough pain killers, thinking Alex was a nurse, and mentions that her family paid a lot of money for the transplant.

Alex returns to the train and pours gasoline over every surface of the surgery room and the traveling abattoir. The Doctor confronts her, telling her they help people, in an attempt of lulling her into hesitating long enough to be attacked. The ruse is not effective and Alex torches the cars by lighting the doc first.

There are more surprises, but I’ll trust you might want to see it if you care for this sub-genre of horror.

The ending sequence makes no real sense, lest one takes into account she told her boyfriend she would quit the team to go into the medical field. So, I guess she stayed and began seriously competing in remembrance of him. I have no idea why they would leave it at that, with no dialog or voice over telling of that decision.

How about you, Dear Reader: Have you seen this movie, might see it, or have absolutely no interest in such as this? Let me know in the comments, and check out some of my other reviews.

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