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In a little while, Tom will be getting a phone call. He applied for a lucrative position at a reputable company and had all the right requirements. The interview had gone exceptionally well, and it seemed the manager liked him. Tom had talked to others working there, and most of them impressed him as being reasonably happy with their status. He searched for a long time for just the right opportunity, one which could give him the security and stability he not only desired, but also deserved. All the schooling he had gone through had been exceedingly difficult. The internships he endured were near torture, and mentors used him to their full extent to further their own careers. Even his so-called friends had surpassed him, using his willingness to cover for them as a stepping stone to gain advances of their own. He harbored no ill will, though; instead was grateful for the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and experience. He found that in doing all the other facets of the process, he developed a better understanding of his part. There had been one particular experience he wished he could forget, or at least redo. A friend, or so he thought, asked him to finish a certain project. That guy had gotten almost half the information gathered and all the contacts made, but an emergency would prevent him from making the closure. Tom agreed and went to the meeting. It turned out that his “friend” made the wrong contacts, and…

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Zombie Adversary

Here is a Zombie story I wrote back in 2012. I have read several genre stories, and seen multitudes of movies on the subject, so wanted to try my hand at writing one. I came up with the first person view simply because that is one angle that hasn’t been beat to death, no pun intended. Enjoy! And, once again, please leave me a comment below to let me know your opinions.   Zombie Adversary By John T. M. Herres   This can’t be happening. I have spent the last three days trying to get away from the mindless hoards of zombies chasing me, but every time I think there’s a chance to rest, to breathe, more seem to seep out of the crumbling buildings surrounding me. I need to find a place to stop, and most especially something to eat. I can feel my strength ebbing. The occasional fountains I’ve found that still had potable water do little to assuage the grumbling hunger pains. There’s an open door, have to get higher to see if the way is clear. It’s dark in here. I just have to rest for a moment. Heading up the stairs, I hear the door I forced closed splintering under their attack. The scraping of shattered wood and crunching of broken glass trod under their feet echoes up to me as I climb higher. I’m on the second floor. There; a ladder, leading to the roof perhaps. Struggling with the latch, I find it is…

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