Secrets In The Walls

Secrets In The Walls

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Secrets In The Walls   (2010)

(TV Movie)

Jeri Ryan,

Kay Panabaker,

Peyton List

Ratings: 5.3/10 from 893 users

A mother and her two teenage daughters move into an ancient house in a suburb of Detroit, when it is offered at a very low price, much to the dislike of the elder daughter. Soon, the younger child begins to see strange things in the house, but the mother disregards her claims, saying that it is only her imagination. Then the elder child also begins to notice creepy phenomena but does not speak about it. Only when things take a more serious turn and the mother too starts to witness strange events does she realize that something really is wrong with the house. Written by varghesejunior


I found this movie extremely watchable. The setup did not get over-involved or too in-depth, and the creepy scenes didn’t look CGI heavy.

The main thing I had issue with is how Rachel, the Mother, still questioned when Molly started seeing the ghost of Greta. The girl could tell you to answer the phone before it even rings. But, when she sees and feels a malevolent entity, it’s just her imagination. I guess it could be interpreted as a state of denial; Rachel has never believed in ghosts, so when confronted with the situation, it must be something else. (Or, maybe I just expect too much.)

Fortunately, Rachel has a brother, Marty, who is more than willing to watch the girls anytime, day or night. This Brother even does demolition-type work and carries tools with him. When they discover a walled over section of the basement that Lizzie has claimed for her room, even though their new house has 3 bedrooms upstairs, they make a party of taking the wall down as a group effort, and discover a brick wall with a grate on the lower section.

Through physical contact, Greta takes over Lizzy’s body, basically switching souls since Lizzie is the same age Greta was when she died. Molly can tell her Sister has changed, but Rachel still considers it her imagination.

Then Rachel has a direct confrontation with the entity, and starts believing they need help. She talks to her co-worker, who has admitted that she has abilities much the same as the daughter is having, and again starts balking at what she’s hearing from Belle. (I would think at least one of the women would suggest Belle going to the house, at least to meet Molly, since the two seem to have a lot in common.)

Molly takes Lizzy/Greta back to the house under the ruse of gathering needed clothing and whatever else might be needed. While there, Molly confronts the Greta side, calling out for Lizzy to fight the intrusion and retake her physical being.

Let’s just say trying to get Lizzy back depends on the strength of the mother-daughter bond.


(There are more points to the plot and execution, but I have to leave you something to look forward to.)


So, a very enjoyable flick. Of course, like so many others, they had to leave it open to a sequel.


Have you seen this movie yet? How likely is it that you will either give it a try or a re-watch?

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