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About John

Updated 01/13/2016
Possible Publicity Shot.

Hi! I am John T. M. Herres. 50 years old, twice divorced, exploring my creative side one paragraph at a time.

On this website, I intend to post various short stories I come up with, be it for a competition or a writing prompt, or even just something I get a whim to share publicly.

In my writing, I find that I am always evolving, without even noticing. Anytime I go over a part of my Barbarian story, a part written mostly in 2010 & 2011, I almost feel like someone else wrote it. “Did I really put that down for someone else to read?”

On my blog, I try to offer anyone who visits encouragement and help for particular problems that “young” writers experience. I know I need help, so any helpful articles and webpages I find, I try to pass on because I also know I am not the only one to need it.

I also have excerpts from my WIP “The Barbarian” posted there, including a couple of sections written by using a prompt given at Rachael Ritchey‘s #BlogBattle. Look around, here, there, somewhere?, and let me know your thoughts!


— John




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