About John

About John

Updated 01/13/2016
Possible Publicity Shot.

Hi! I am John T. M. Herres.(Pronounced HERReez)

I’m in my 50s, twice divorced, and now exploring my creative side one paragraph at a time.

On this website, I intend to post various short stories I come up with, be it for a competition or a writing prompt, or even just something I get a whim to share publicly.

In my writing, I find that I am always evolving, without even noticing. Anytime I go over a part of my Barbarian story, a part written mostly in 2010 & 2011, I almost feel like someone else wrote it. “Did I really put that down for someone else to read?”

On my blog, I try to offer anyone who visits encouragement and help for particular problems that “young” writers experience. I know I need help, so any helpful articles and web pages I find, I try to pass on because I also know I am not the only one to need it.

I also have excerpts from my WIP “The Barbarian” posted there, including a couple of sections written by using a prompt given at Rachael Ritchey‘s #BlogBattle.

Have a look around, here, there, somewhere?

Let me know your thoughts!


— John




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I am a fiction writer;

A creator of larger-than-life heroes of ages gone by;
Great wizards tainted, and those who resist them;

War between interstellar travelers, both on this planet and far away;
Alien races intent on the annihilation of any being not their own,
and weaker ones in need of a savior- as well as the One who becomes their savior.

Clashes with bad people and dangerous places, where only one can survive.

When you get to my writing, sit back, hold on, and enjoy the ride!