About The BarbarianWriter

About The BarbarianWriter

Dictionary.com defines a barbarian as:


[bahr-bair-ee-uhn] Show IPA


1. a person in a savage, primitive state; uncivilized person.

2. a person without culture, refinement, or education

…among other things, but these definitions are relevant. In the view of the more internet savvy, I am primitive, unrefined, and lacking culture. While I am not a moron, nor a simpleton, I find some of the technological applications too removed from my ken to grasp the fine points, and thus appear a novice in the “social media” arena.

So, I shall embrace this notion and produce The Barbarian Writer. I am confident this will be unique, at least in name. As to content, I will mostly be commenting on sites I find around the web aimed at beginning writers. Seeing as how there are so many help pages out there, how is one to get to the point where they can use those topics?

I have found so much information for those who have finished penning a novel, but what about those of us who have not? We who need someone to look at what we have written thus far and offer support, or encouragement? I want to reach out to those who, like myself, do not already have one or two, let alone multiple, books on the market.

I hope to encourage some published authors, agents and even editors to offer guest posts, to relive the time when they did not have a book in the market and how nervous and unsure they were, even after finally getting that first manuscript finished. How they fretted over and tried to figure out which editor to use, who their target audience would be.

Does any of this sound familiar? These are questions I have, and I refuse to believe I am the only one with them.

SO; Here I am, and I hope some others find this blog and can relate to, and offer help for any or all the topics I hope to address.

Sincerely, Barbarian Writer, a.k.a. John T. M. Herres

2 Replies to “About The BarbarianWriter”

  1. Hi, Richard! Thanks for dropping by!
    Please, allow me to defend: The actual definition did, indeed, have more to it than I posted here; I chose those two points specifically to show my own shortcomings in relation to more successful writers.

    My character is viewed in such a light, too. He has been raised a slave, though he has a tendency to buck the system he’s immersed in. He has no schooling, no frames of reference for dealing with the civilized world. He has no social skills, nor does he care to develop any. He sees things in his existence, accepted by the other slaves, as unacceptable, and decides to stop the blind acquiescence of the others and the cruel treatment by the tormentors. So, also, when faced with the position to oppose the antagonist.

    As for the religion topic, that is an area I purposefully avoid at all costs. There are way too many differing views, and I care not to engage in a theological discussion. I do apologize if this offends.

    Thank you for stopping by, and for leaving your comment!
    — John

  2. Greetings John,
    I looked at the 2 point definition for “Barbarian” and found it in error. All barbarians had a culture of their own. In the classical period, they recognized the superior culture of Rome and quickly adopted it. Like all people in history, religion played a big part in their lives which turned out to be one tool the Romans plied in their conquests. They accepted all deities so most people were embraced to their core beliefs, that is until Christianity came along claiming there was only one God.
    That tipped the apple cart and were persecuted – they were a culture that didn’t work in the old system. Constantine changed that (or the Christians changed Constantine) when he embraced the idea of one God. In Rome, there was a radical change, but in the outer empire there was little reason to change. Thus, contrary cultures within the empire developed.

    Also, as the barbarians peacefully moved into the outer empire, they manned the famous Roman Legions especially under the rule of Constantinople, the head of the eastern empire. All but the home legions that protected the inner empires key cities were Germanic.

    So, one way or another, cultures have fought and mixed throughout history. The proliferation of religious icons, structures, and ritual burials are ever producing archeological proof of religious culture, the more we dig and translate, the more we are finding this to be true.


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