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Recipes I have made.


As I am the main cook for evening meals in our household, I am often confronted with not having all the proper ingredients for a given recipe. I am forced, therefor, to ‘bastardize’ what they contain and try to either make my dishes as close to their results as I can, or take off in my own direction. Most come out rather tasty, but at times there are failed “experiments” as I call them.

I have often thought about sharing the meals I make, but I’m inherently lazy.

The recent meal, made on 12/17/2016, came out so close to what I intended to make, even to my “worst critic,” (myself) that I decided to go ahead and share it.

So, have a look and see if you might want to try what I have made. If I do post more than just this one, I will not use the ones that don’t come out tasting good, or the “failed” experiments.


First Installment: Yeehaw’s Cottage Pie

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