Multilayer Waterfall
Multilayer Waterfall

The most beautiful scenery, I think of all,
Is the majesty of a waterfall.
A Caribbean lagoon of clear blue
Would have to come in at number two.
Not to be discounted, let it be said,
Is a sunset filled with lavender and red.
In a lake in a meadow, it’s nice to find,
A reflection of a snow-capped mountain behind.
So calming and peaceful, I think you’ll agree,
Would be waves lapping sand fresh off the sea.
On a walk through the forest, sure to be seen,
Are all the colors and shades of green.
Another view, seen only at night,
Is a star-filled sky– what a sight!
Even a desert, so barren of life,
Can be a touching scene, if viewed just right.
A swamp has its own beauty to share,
As long as the dangers you stay aware.
The rolling hills of the prairie land
Can, of itself be exquisitely grand.
So many sights in this world to behold,
In one poem I think not all could be told.
Just look around, you’re sure to find
Some scenery that can blow your mind!

Copyright 2010, “Life Through My Eyes; A Collection of Poems” by John T. M. Herres

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  1. I wish to announce that this poem has been featured on the blog of another writer; Sally of Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life has honored me by allowing me some exposure on her blog space! Head on over to her site and see what else she has to offer.


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