New Year’s Day, 2019

New Year’s Day, 2019

Happy New Year!

So, another New Year has dawned.

I cannot say that 2018 was particularly bad. Not in its entirety, anyway. As usual, there were ups and there were downs. While I try not to necessarily dwell on the downs, I attempt to relish the ups.

As some know, 2017 saw my first stories published in anthologies. We had Full Moon Slaughter 2: Altered Beasts with my Indigo Matters- a short story of a man who’s bitten by a Texas Indigo snake and has an unfavorable reaction to it. Then Beautiful Tragedies took my poem Silent Screams.

Shortly after that, my new story about a serial killer being chased by an FBI agent across some mid-western States titled Duplicate Counterparts got its début in Demons, Devils and Denizens of Hell: Volume 2, followed by my final one of the year, being another poem, in Super Sick: Tales of Twisted Superheroes.

Enter 2018

In July, I finished and submitted a new short story called The Interview to Mystery Monster 13: An Anthology (Creature Feature Book 5)

October saw the acceptance of another of my older works; Deadly Cavern in Trick-or-Treat Thrillers – Best Paranormal – 2018 and the final anthology to date is Trick or Treat Thrillers – Best Horror – 2018 which took a story I wrote for another anthology called United Stakes of America that ended up not getting published. That one is about Vampire killers and is titled Harold’s Revenge.

Also, the BIG news: October 23, 2018, saw the publication of my very first novel, Hell’s Beginning, through HellBound Books Publishing. On their site, it’s dubbed “Spine-chilling Abduction Horror at its very finest!” It quickly got two reviews, the first a 4٭ and the second a 5٭. They are still the only ratings there but I feel confident more are forthcoming. I hope so, anyway.

What are some of the high points in your past year? Hit the comment section and let me know.

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Till next time:


— John

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  1. Hello. John, and congrats again on the publication. Nothing like popping out a book to make you feel like a real author. May the coming year be your most productive yet! 🙂


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