Must Sell

Must Sell

1970 MG MGB GT

$2000.00 FIRM

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Must sell, though I don’t really want to.

1970 MGB GT 1798cc, 4 cylinder, 4 speed manual transmission, no overdrive.

Fair condition, 5 spoke-wire wheels; tubes and tires will need replaced at your discretion.


see my listing on MGExperience website

and AutoShrine Network


This car has not been restored.

Body is in good shape, but left side rear fender-well has been patched with bondo. Right side front fender, hood, and possibly passenger door have been replaced, but not with same year parts. Paint shines well when buffed, but needs waxed to retain shine.

The car is mostly stock. I bought it in 2012 and drove to Indiana and back. The clutch slave cylinder hose cracked in route and needs replaced before driving. Alternator might be bad, or belt is just loose, as it started squealing on the return trip.

Front fender mirror is new. Right side quarter window latch broke while I tried to secure it.

The hand brake has been disconnected by PO, the routing brackets are missing. As it is a 47 year old car, anything rubber will need replaced, but I can find no leaks as yet. Also, wiring will need replaced for the same reason.

NO MAJOR RUST. There are pin hole spots on floorboards, but the metal is in very good shape, above and below. Small bubbling near the trim. The rocker panels do need replaced, but not an immediate problem.

I have a Haynes manual, as well as a CD with specs, wiring diagrams and much more.

Various small parts including new dome light, replacement shift boot collar, plastic dash cover, original side jack, etc.

I replaced front right side wheel bearing, but did not have access to equipment to get the spacers involved to specs.

I had intentions of fixing this car as much as possible, but physical restrictions have proven I am unable to. It really is in decent shape for its age. Must see to truly appreciate it.

No title- Bill Of Sale Only Buyer pick up only, I cannot deliver.

Cash only, no checks or money orders. Serious inquiries only.


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