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It Must Be A Sign

Funny Signs

There are some really funny signs decorating roadways, parks, even posted on the windows of vehicles. A veritable overabundance of visual words that, if not worded correctly, can be a source of immense pleasure.

Here are some I’ve found across the web. Some, I’ve had for a while, some I’ll search for to post, but all should be entertaining, to say the least.

Let us begin:

John Sits

This is from 1983. My 18th birthday. Goodness, 32 years ago.

The caption reads, “Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits.”

That’s a good intro, but here are some of the photos I wish to share:


I had to wipe a word to keep this socially acceptable, but I think the meaning is clear.




Religious Views

If more people would heed this, the world might not be in such bad condition.

Some might find that a bit cold…







Always read the fine print…







… and here.






“Can’t you hold it a little longer?”










Okay, that’s enough for now. How about you? Have you seen some tongue-in-cheek signs that haven’t been overused by other blogs? I’d love to see what others can find and post!

Have a great day, week, month, year… Just don’t forget to laugh along the way!

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    • Yeah, it’s wise to keep personal explosions in check while traveling through the forest.
      Thanks, Sally!

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