Different, Not Damaged By Andy Peloquin

Different, Not Damaged By Andy Peloquin

I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC (Advance Review Copy) of a work from my Mentor, Andy Peloquin.

In his own words, “The book contains six short stories, for a total of 45,000(ish) words. All the stories are set in Voramis, in the city where Blade of the Destroyer takes place. However, you can still enjoy them even if you haven’t yet read any of my other books.”

Initially, I thought it would take me ever so long to read, but the stories just seemed to fly by and I finished the last one the morning of October 1. So, I hopped over to Goodreads and offered up some words to try to encourage others to give it a read when it hits Amazon and other stores on October 27th (launch date).

So, here’s the review I posted:

Different, Not Damaged

By Andy Peloquin

My Review (of sorts?)

In this collection of stories, Andy has come up with various tales set in his fictional Voramis, each dealing with a different type of disability.
I found all of the stories very engaging. Well worth a read.
I fully recommend it to any who have read his books concerning the Hunter of Voramis; indeed, even if you haven’t.

The characters were believable and their situations were described well. Each were faced with a challenge which threatened to overwhelm them and only with their knowledge and willpower did they make it through.

There’s plenty of action and adventure in this work of fiction, from beginning to end.

Plus, there are two bonus stories: Life for a Life and Path of Vengeance. I’ll not go into those here but to say that Life is about The Hunter but Path is not.

All in all, I highly recommend this to any and all, especially if you like the Fantasy/Adventure genre.

As always, I encourage your comments below.

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