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Challenge of The Velah

To see what I have posted for this story, please see my Velah blog here.

Update December 18, 2015

Unfortunately, the blog on which the story had been posted has gone belly up. It’s almost funny, for I had just added scripts to the security protocols which should have prevented any piracy, or so it said. Maybe I didn’t install them correctly, I don’t know. It doesn’t matter anyway, for the blog is gone, and the best thing I can do is, as with so many other things that have gone wrong in my life, move on.

I’ll post the sci-fi story here after the New Year.

Stay Tuned!


The Far Reaches Of Space
The Far Reaches Of Space

A man inadvertently gets drawn into a war between two alien races. The evil Sakalel have set upon the Heskah race, determined to annihilate the peaceful beings in order to culminate their vengeance.


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