Movie Reviews

Movie Reviews

Edited Feb 7, 2015. I have changed the page heading from “Celluloid” to “Movie Reviews” to better describe the actual contents of the posts listed herein.

I have to admit, I watch a lot of movies. In fact, I own over 400 name-specific DVD’s, at least a couple dozen multipack offerings containing 4 or more titles, and have access to thousands more via certain websites to which I have subscribed.

(I’ll post a picture of the shelves here after I get them moved and cleaned up.)

Thus far, I’ve flat-out refused, though I figured differently, to post anything about movies here, but as I said,

“I watch a lot of movies.”

I have seen some great offerings, and some I couldn’t sit through the credits. (Not really, but I didn’t watch more than five minutes of the actual film) I sometimes send recommendations on Facebook or Google+ through the like tab (if offered) and have even tagged my sister, Lynda Herres, when I think she would especially enjoy them.

So, and this should also increase my posting, I finally won out over myself and decided that movie reviews are a sought-after SEO biggie. I know I like to see information on a movie before I see it. As I don’t usually put too much into a critic’s opinion, I do pay attention to reviews. I mainly use IMDb to see their score and what, if any, information they list, including who stars in them and, sometimes, what else a particular actor has been in. I’m sure others do something like this, as well, otherwise, you probably wouldn’t be reading this. Or, am I wrong?

I’ll post a page on my movie antics, which I watched, the link to IMDb so you can see it there, some of the stars and their characters, the actionable mentions, and, probably, how it turns out. It is fitting that, at this point of reading, I’ll post this warning so the only way a person could accidentally see what they don’t want to know yet is by not reading this page first:

Spoiler Alerts: Some descriptions throughout these posts will contain, if not the exact ending, a concluding remark of the outcome. Read at your own risk.

That out of the way, I’ll say that I do not care if I know everything that happens in a movie, up to and including how it turns out, who dies, who gets severely tortured; I want to see how it came to pass, I want to see because, as a writer, I get the ideas on how to write a scene by what I’ve seen on-screen. (Like how I put little rhymes in there?)

I have my favorite actors (the term is not gender-specific anymore, by the way, I think) and sometimes… okay, frequently, watch certain movies based solely on them featuring said actors. There are also ones I watch in spite of who stars in it, as in not liking a particular star. I do not always go by what the charts indicate, but do allow the score they get on IMDb to influence my decisions.

I don’t like the modern-day style of “Found Footage” movies, though I liked Cloverfield. Maybe because of the monsters.

My genre of choice is Horror. Most times, when I search for movies, I search the horror section first. I also like Science Fiction, Action/Adventure, a few Comedies, and have even seen a couple considered tear-jerkers. As an example, I decided to give If I Stay a watch because Chloë Grace Moretz starred in it. I have watched many of the movies she’s been in, of which some I had heard of (like “If I Stay” and the “KickAss” duo), and others not (like Hick). However, there are some which I probably will not see (like Movie 43) simply because I don’t care for the particular type of movie it is.

All this considered, if you are still here, please read my reviews, post your comments, opinions or disagreements.

[As a result of getting hit with a multitude of SPAM, I have disabled the comment sections throughout the website.]

I’m wondering, though: How often do you let the opinions of others influence whether or not you watch a movie?

Thanks for stopping by!

— John


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