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Cartoons and Other Funnies

Laughs delivered here!


How many people, I wonder, remember opening the newspaper and going straight to the funnies section? Scan all the strips and your eyes alight on your favorites first.

One of the first I looked at would be Ziggy. The panes aren’t always funny, but the little guy just can’t seem to catch a break.
Monday, Monday...
Monday, Monday…
Perhaps one of my personal favorites.
Perhaps one of my personal favorites.






Oh, I could go on and on, and sometimes do, but I’ll cut it short for now.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to add pages or posts to this on a timely basis, but I will when I remember to. I know lots of people like to have a little something at the start of the work week to help them be in a better mood, so I join Chris, The Story Reading Ape in spreading a little smile or two.


Ziggy- See Ya#WriteOn!

— John

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