A Weekly Writing Challenge

I occasionally participated in a weekly Bi-weekly (now) writing prompt challenge hosted by Rachael Ritchey, titled “#BlogBattle.

On Tuesdays, stories are posted, and readers can vote for their favorite after they have read all of them.  The story garnering the most votes garners a badge to proudly display on their own site.


She has set up a page to link all the stories to their respective Authors, as well as setting up an individual link page for each one. Plus, if a Writer does not have a site of their own, Rachael will post the story on her site, with all proper credits in place.

I have entered several times and, although none of mine received a badge, I’ve enjoyed either coming up with a brand new story or entering a previous work to get someone to read it, and maybe leave a comment.

With this contest in mind, I am going to try to have a heading on my banner, with the entries I’ve submitted as sub pages to show in a drop-down fashion. That’s the goal, anyway.


Hell's Beginning(My attempt at a cover for a failed [now, soon to be released!] project.)

Update- November 22, 2016

I’m adding the genre of the stories to help one decide which they might want to read. Hopefully, it will aid in garnering some new comments.

#11- Tonight In The News Sci-Fi, related to my story Challenge Of The Velah

#12- Wolf Battle Fantasy/Adventure, related to my story Barbarian Tales

#13- The Rope Horror/Thriller

#14- Witch Or What Fantasy

#18- Dream– I had posted this, as well as my “News” story on my now-defunct “Challenge Of The Velah” blog. I don’t know what happened to that blog, but it’s not there anymore.

#22- Traffic Stop I’m not quite sure what genre, other than Fiction- any suggestions would be appreciated.

#34- Escape Maybe Dystopian?

#34- Deadly Cavern (NOT Part Of #BlogBattle) Horror

#38- The Old Fallow Field Horror Poetry, is there such a sub-genre?

#44- Worm Romance, of sorts

#47- Forest Non-fiction, a tale about a memory from my childhood

#53- Anniversary Repost- The Rope Horror

#55- Leviathan Fantasy, of sorts

#56- Indiscriminate Fantasy


Hope this aids in your decisions on what to check out!


6 Replies to “#BlogBattles”

  1. It does appeal to some. Personally, I’m not thrilled with the concept. My story Hell’s Beginning, which is being considered for publication, had the MC torturing his victims while they’re naked, but I don’t put in any sex. I think Toneye would be the better sounding board for that.


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