#BlogBattle Week56- Indiscriminate

#BlogBattle Week56- Indiscriminate

Time for another



Indiscriminate is the word prompt for this, the first week of April 2016.

First order of business:


  1. 1000 words max
  2. fictional tale (or true if you really want)
  3. PG (no more than PG-13) Content – let’s keep this family friendly!
  4. Your story must contain the word(s) from the theme and/or be centered around the theme in a way that shows it is clearly related
  5. Go for the entertainment value!
  6. State the Genre of your story at the top of your post.
  7. Post your story on Tuesday, by 11:59 PM PST
  8. Use the hashtag #BlogBattle when tweeting your story, put a link back to your #BlogBattle Short Story in the comments section of this page, and/or include a link to this page in your own blog post (it creates a “ping-back” which will alert me and our friends to your #BlogBattle post)
  9. Have fun!


So, I am really trying to get with it. I’m still so far off base, I am having trouble organizing all I need to do. Of course, now that warm weather is catching the tail of the rainy season, the grass is growing at a near exponential rate…

Not really, but it seems so at times. So I’m having to work mowing (which is horrible to my physical damages) into at least a day every week. Then at least a day for recovery. Serious.

This week, I think I’m going in another new direction. I shall, once again, ask you all to be the judges. Ready?


#BlogBattle Week 56

Genre: Fantasy

My Domain
By John T. M. Herres © 2016

Sand everywhere. In every direction. Endless.

How can anyone possibly come to see me, when the only way is through a desolate wasteland?

I have gotten a couple of visitors over the years. They only seem interested in the cool water standing in my oases.

They always dip a finger in and place a drop on their tongues, testing the quality. Then they make cups of both their hands and gulp repeatedly. Greedily.

I graciously allowed them to. I also let them rest before continuing the journey through my desert.

This is my own little corner of the world. My only corner. How I ended up having this domain, I cannot recall. All I know is that I can do what I will with it. Within limits, of course.

So I decided on the little patches of paradise in the midst of the bleak landscape.

I had a bit of difficulty finding just the right spots where the cold water ran high enough to be able to make them. It flows too far down to be able to surface in a lot of places, for when I tried, I only made quicksand.

Those are some of the mistakes I made. Once the springs had been tapped, they spread to their limits. The moisture didn’t quite make it to the top, so looked like more sand.

When an animal or man walks there, however, it lets them get far enough in so they cannot reach firm ground. Then the body begins to sink. Slowly, unless they struggle. Which they always seem to do.

How many people have been swallowed by those mistakes? I’ve lost count. If indeed I ever began one. The desert is still indiscriminate when victims happen upon the quagmires; intransigent when I tried to return it to its original state.

As I inspected the tundra, something caught my eyes. I dismissed it at first. Even I know about a mirage. But it persisted.

I had to try to reach it, gliding above the sands. I felt I must find it at all costs. Everything may depend on it.

As I drew nearer, the form began to solidify. Still too small to give confirmation as to who or what it really could have been.

The figure grew larger. Behind it, a line of trees became visible, the dark green canopies towering over the brown trunks growing so close together that no light penetrated. The edge of my domain.

Still so distant that I could only see a silhouette. I continued on, not knowing what compelled me.

Too late, I saw it was her, but somehow… wrong. I cannot explain. I thought, In form, it is she. In essence, though, it feels sinister. Some thing took possession of her.

I forged on, though slower, more wary. I needed to see her, to save her if possible.

I halted before her. She didn’t move. Standing there, she tilted her head forward, almost glaring from under her soft brow, which hardened.

Her hair stood out in disarray, caked with debris, no longer shiny and smooth from near constant grooming. She always had beautiful, brown hair, but this form held none of her regalia.

The grin felt more grim than happy. Her attire, usually so stylish, had a roughness unbecoming of what I knew of her.

We had never actually met, but I have seen her. Have known her. I cannot explain.

“I knew you’d come for her!” That voice, almost as familiar as the girl’s appearance. But not hers, though her lips moved.

“Who are you?” I asked, trying to keep any trembling from coming through.

“Do you not remember?” Her fists bunched at her sides. “They threw me out to give you domain here.”

I thought hard, trying to remember the Before. I had been this desert for so long, I don’t recall the start of it.

“You don’t even remember, do you?” Her now gravelly voice relayed the same surprise as her raised brows and wide eyes. “It’s all I’ve thought of for two millennia, and you can’t even bring it to mind.”

Her hands began to glow. Slight at first, but brightening as hatred hardened her soft, green eyes, looking more like tourmaline.

“Give my domain back, or you will both face the consequences.” The voice coming from her stayed soft but carried the keen edge of a battle ax. “I can pummel you into submission, just so you can watch me dispatch her before your eyes. I’ll send you to purgatory knowing her death is on your head.”

“She knows whose hand is threatening her with death, and knows it is not mine.” I wanted so much to do battle with this force, to champion her. That, however, would end her, which would also be the death of me.

Her body crumpled to the ground. A shadow abandoned her being, and she became cognizant in an instant. Fear shone in her features and when she saw me, she bolted behind me for protection.

I felt emboldened. I held my resolve, though, and gave the only offer which would stay the resultant devastation.

“You want the wastes?” I twirled my finger towards the ground, causing a small whirlwind.

The form congealed and the red eyes began widening. “What… what are you doing?”

It began a slight retreat. I kept its step, my revolving digit calling forth more grains, all forming a perfect cone. I glanced at the wraith, then the dust devil I continued to call forth. I could gather the entirety of my domain here if I chose.

Glancing back, I told it, “I’m giving you what you want.” I flexed all my fingers upwards in a curve like I held a large stone. The wild, twisting sands halted and compacted into a sphere.

Looking at the invader, I said, “Did you not say you wanted your domain back?” I flung my hand towards the being. The sand ball shot forth. The visitant flinched back, covering its face with an arm.

The huge sphere swallowed the shadowy apparition and hardened even more.

I made a fist and the granules compounded inward, compressing together with ever more intensity. It began melting as it continued to coalesce into itself.

When I dropped my hand, there sat on the ground a microcosm for the frozen shadowy figure in the middle, cowering in fear.




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