Aging Gracefully

Aging Gracefully

Life is long, Life is hard,
You never know what’s in your cards;
We start out small and then we grow,
And all the sudden we’re getting old.
As the sun makes passes across the sky,
We learn how to laugh, learn how to cry:
We care about things, they fall to the side,
To be replaced by others, and time goes by.
We play and we learn and do many things,
Some make us feel foolish, some make us kings.
When youth is done and we join the Rat Race,
We find that it takes a lot to save face;
But mostly we survive, we roll with the flow,
And move with the rest, become average Joes.
Then one day it happens, we suddenly see,
How we can be happy and fully carefree.
For some it is sooner, others are later,
And some let it pass, their fears are greater.
So, let’s help each other, one day to find
We’ve left all the cruelty completely behind!


(c) 2005, 2010 by John T. M. Herres

excerpt from my self-published poetry book, “Life Through My Eyes; A Collection Of Poems”

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  1. I enjoy your writing and often come to read
    but struggle with where to like, or leave feed.
    Your share is clear but I have come to think
    Someone has pinched the like on your link
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