A Memorable Storm

A Memorable Storm

While chatting with a new friend on Facebook, she posted a link to this video;

to which I said I liked and posted another vid to continue the ode to Mondays:

which she said she likes as well. The flighty nature of my thinking took hold, and I followed with the rain subject with;

I also mentioned I had a cool memory of listening to Riders during a rain/wind storm many years ago. She indicated she’d like to hear it, so I’ll attempt a pseudo-bio concerning the event.

1983 (or 84), Austin, Texas

Back when they were still coming out with the songs which are now considered classic rock, just after I graduated High School in El Paso, and my Brother left his Air Force experience, we settled back in Austin to try to be adults.

Back then, we had a total of 4 regular TV channels. There were many choices on the radio, but the rock station of the time didn’t play a lot of the selections I wanted to hear.

What they did do; whenever a storm started, they played Riders On The Storm by The Doors. Most always, that is.

(Bear in mind- this is during the time I still drank beer frequently. Mixed with the joint I smoked, I felt pretty mellow for this experience.)

One particular time, as I lay on the bed watching an episode of Star Trek, I heard the thunder approaching. Initially, I ignored it, glad to be under a roof instead of still sleeping on the side of a cliff in a hammock. (Yes, we did.)

We stayed in a place called Don Mar Motor Courts on South Congress. The best thing about it came when you stepped out to the street and had a clear view all the way to the Capitol building.

Don-Mar Office

In my research, I found that it has been demolished, having had some difficulties in the years following our stay, and now even the sign is gone. (They planned on making all of Congress Avenue a line of super-expensive condo’s. Seems the deal with Don Mar fell through, though.)


According to Reagan Ray, “Legend has it that there was a murder committed here in 1991 and an arson in 2007.” She mentions the condition of the buildings, which probably had some to do with it, but even when Tom & I stayed there, many of the residents had some kind of addiction, be it alcohol or a form or combination of drugs.

Back to the Storm

I lay there, listening to the thunder get closer with every peal. When a commercial came on, I turned on the radio to listen for the Riders, which did air.

The song ended and shortly after, I heard a loud thumping out front. The cabins all had carports, but when I looked out the window, I saw one of the ground mounts on ours had broken. The heavy winds were lifting that side and it bounced when it came back down.

This looked more interesting than what aired after ST, so I turned off the tube and the radio back on.

I lay on my belly with the curtain pulled aside. Thump, thump-thump, the brace bounced over and over, a little higher each time. Then the other one broke, and it followed suit, adding an echo to the original thumps.

The wind kept increasing, and I knew the cover would not last much longer. Sure enough, it went up out of my sight, slammed down, but before it had time to bounce a stronger gust came, and it disappeared. I waited for it to hinge back down, but it came sliding down the front of the building, blocking the window I watched through (and scaring me pretty well) as well as the only door.

A party friend from across the parking lot charged through the pouring rain to check on me, and when he found me safe, we worked the screen off the side window for me to crawl out. Talking excitedly about how ultimately cool the event was, I mentioned that my Brother would probably freak out when he got home in the morning.

That happened over 30 years ago, and I still get a little excited when I mention it.

So, how about you? Has there been a memorable event, caused by the weather that has stayed with you in all its vividness for many a year? I’d love to hear your stories, either in a comment or a post on your blog/website. Just leave your link to create a ping-back, and let’s get a pseudo blog hop going. [My apologies, I’ve had to disable the comment section due to SPAM.]



— John


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