3RD Word Of The Day Challenge

3RD Word Of The Day Challenge

3RD Word Of The Day


The “rules.”

For this installment, I opted to not go with the actual Dictionary.com word, which they have as igneous. Didn’t resonate with me, so I looked to some of the lists that are there.

I went through 4 groups and happened upon absquatulate. How’s that for a word? It has an easy meaning. Here’s how the website defines it:



verb (used without object), absquatulated, absquatulating. Slang.

  1. to flee; abscond:

The old prospector absquatulated with our picks and shovel.


Funky old word, ain’t it?


But, first, a word from our sponsor:

As a grammatical rule, I have been taught that most two-syllable adjectives, when written in the comparative or superlative form, would use “more” and “most,” respectively. It would appear, however, there are exceptions. For instance;

Stupid VS Stupider. I cringe when I see the word “stupider,” as I’ve always known “more stupid” is the correct writing. By this article, I have been mistaken. Oh, well. Since each can be correct, I’ll just go with how I use them and suffer others to use which one they wish. I’ll still cringe, though.


On with the show!


Jesse decided he needed to leave town. His girlfriend had dumped him, his best friend basically disowned him. As it turned out, the two had found they got along better together than they did with him and had been running around behind his back.

Jesse never saw it, though. His attention usually focused on trying to get something for nothing. He would steal from others and sell the items to have some money, either for alcohol or some pot, or both. He didn’t consider it beneath him to shoplift, either.

Barbara put up with it for a while, after she discovered his habit. She told him if he ever did something like that to her, there would be hell to pay.

Barry knew of Jesse’s kleptomania, and had for a long time. Though he considered the guy one of his longest acquaintances, he couldn’t really call him a friend, for he could not trust Jesse. He knew some of his items had made it into Jesse’s inventory to fuel the other addictions, but most of the things were small and could be easily replaced.

When Barry and Barbara began fooling around, they thought it best to not tell Jesse. They carried on for several months and began spending more and more time together. They knew the inevitability of being found out, and Jesse just happened to walk in on them during one of their heated trysts.

The sight floored him. Not just that Barry would hit on his girl, but that Barb would consider being with anyone but him. It didn’t matter that Barry had a solid job and earned a good living, nor that he found it necessary at times to use either of their personal stuff to fund him. They should have known they had to share the wealth.

Jesse had left the room. Especially since, even though they both saw him when he walked in, they just kept going. It almost seemed that they got more into it when he found them together.

His anger flared, but he realized that being destructive would just lead to jail time. Then the authorities would find out about his other misdeeds and he would be in real trouble.

He went through Barb’s purse and relieved her of the fifty dollars she had and stormed out. The need to absquatulate weighed heavily upon him. A measly $50 would not get him far, though.

He decided to visit the nearest big store. He could wait for the clerks to be helping other customers and pocket some of the higher priced watches, then go to the next town over and pawn one or two. That would get him to the town after that, where he could repeat.

He got into his beater and drove to the department store. A lot of cars littered the lot, so he didn’t anticipate any problems. He browsed the store, picking up random items like he might be interested in them, then placing them back on the shelf.

Working his way through various departments, he kept glancing to the jewelry area, keeping tabs on which employees looked more alert. One lady, in particular, scanned the people almost like a vulture. She would be the problematic one.

When he saw another sales rep approach, he knew the time had come. She would be going on her break. He meandered toward the section, watching both the workers and the crowd.

It looked as though his chance had come, and he swiped several of the watches in the hundred dollar range, then noticed a display of rings. Not one of them had a price under a thousand.

He looked around again to make sure no one had noticed and three of the rings disappeared. He made for the exit.

As he got close to his car, someone laid a hand on his shoulder.

“Excuse me, young man.” The deep voice combined with the contact caused him to jump and spin around. A tall, burly man had his wallet open, a badge stared him in the face.

He stuttered a little, “Is there a problem?”

“I just wondered if you intended to pay for those items.”

Busted. Jesse had no intention to go quietly. He turned and slipped out of the officer’s grasp. Behind him, he heard the guy holler for him to stop, but he kept running.

The last thing he heard sounded like a firecracker exploding, and a searing pain entered the center of his back before his face impacted with the asphalt.

<<<The End>>>

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