Month: November 2017

Alone- A Sci-Fi Poem

Alone- A Sci-Fi Poem

Way back in 2011, I wrote a Science Fiction poem I called “Alone.” I also incorporated it into a short story called “All Alone,” which still needs some work. I will share the poem, though, as I would like some feedback on it, to see how the general public (as related to visitors) like or …

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I am a fiction writer;

A creator of larger-than-life heroes of ages gone by;
Great wizards tainted, and those who resist them;

War between interstellar travelers, both on this planet and far away;
Alien races intent on the annihilation of any being not their own,
and weaker ones in need of a savior- as well as the One who becomes their savior.

Clashes with bad people and dangerous places, where only one can survive.

When you get to my writing, sit back, hold on, and enjoy the ride!