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Month: May 2015

The Dog Catcher- A Story for the Young

    The Dog Catcher By John T. M. Herres (c) 2011 No one else had a dog on their baseball team, but Bruce was not your average dog. When he was still a puppy, he would run back and forth as my friend, Eric, and I would play catch. The look in Bruce’s eyes was so funny that Eric and I would end up rolling around on the ground laughing. The times we would mess up a throw and the ball would get loose, Bruce would have it before we could get there, and we would have to chase him around for five minutes before we could get it back. As Bruce got bigger, Eric and I had to be a lot more careful, because Bruce was starting to jump high enough to catch the ball before we could get it. “Just throw it harder and Bruce might think it hurts too much to keep trying to catch it,” Eric told me one day. I did not want to hurt Bruce, but thought he should learn not to get in the way of Eric and me playing catch. Bruce was not going to give up. He kept following our throws, and still jumped up and got the ball. We started throwing even harder, but Bruce kept on catching them. When I talked to my Dad about it, he told me he wanted to see, so the next day Eric, Dad and I went out to throw the ball around,…

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Here is a whimsical verse I thought of when I considered the mortality of bees. Hope you enjoy! Sacrifice While walking in the woods one day, I looked down to see A flower growing aslant the path Adorned with a bee. I noticed a petal misaligned, And very queerly hung, And bent to pluck it from the plant; Recoiling, I was stung! The bee fell to the ground, Sacrificing it’s life, For the solitary vegetation To which I meant no harm or strife.   (c) 2010, Life Through My Eyes; A Collection Of Poems, by John T. M. Herres

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Aging Gracefully

Life is long, Life is hard, You never know what’s in your cards; We start out small and then we grow, And all the sudden we’re getting old. As the sun makes passes across the sky, We learn how to laugh, learn how to cry: We care about things, they fall to the side, To be replaced by others, and time goes by. We play and we learn and do many things, Some make us feel foolish, some make us kings. When youth is done and we join the Rat Race, We find that it takes a lot to save face; But mostly we survive, we roll with the flow, And move with the rest, become average Joes. Then one day it happens, we suddenly see, How we can be happy and fully carefree. For some it is sooner, others are later, And some let it pass, their fears are greater. So, let’s help each other, one day to find We’ve left all the cruelty completely behind!   (c) 2005, 2010 by John T. M. Herres excerpt from my self-published poetry book, “Life Through My Eyes; A Collection Of Poems”

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My First Guest Post Elsewhere

A New Development I have been granted the privilege of being featured on a blog not my own! Sally Cronin of Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life has posted my “Scenery” poem, as well as links to me around the web, and we have already gotten several favorable responses! Will this improve my visibility? Time will tell. I am hoping for a bit more exposure, and this could be the beginning of that path to getting a bigger fan base. I’m not even sure if I have a little one now. If you are here by following the link posted either there or on a re-blog elsewhere, I invite you to look around, see what else I have to offer. Head over to one of my blogs, and see there, too. I can tell you two things; First, the blog for the Velah is still very raw. I haven’t spent a lot of time on it as yet. Second, on my BarbarianWriter blog, I have tried to offer helpful links geared toward the newbie writer, and even have a section for movie reviews. So, a very big THANKS to any and all new visitors! Welcome, and I would love for you to take a moment from your busy day to see what else I have posted. Have a great day, may all the best things in life find their way to your life!   As always, #WriteOn! — John

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Scenery The most beautiful scenery, I think of all, Is the majesty of a waterfall. A Caribbean lagoon of clear blue Would have to come in at number two. Not to be discounted, let it be said, Is a sunset filled with lavender and red. In a lake in a meadow, it’s nice to find, A reflection of a snow-capped mountain behind. So calming and peaceful, I think you’ll agree, Would be waves lapping sand fresh off the sea. On a walk through the forest, sure to be seen, Are all the colors and shades of green. Another view, seen only at night, Is a star-filled sky– what a sight! Even a desert, so barren of life, Can be a touching scene, if viewed just right. A swamp has its own beauty to share, As long as the dangers you stay aware. The rolling hills of the prairie land Can, of itself be exquisitely grand. So many sights in this world to behold, In one poem I think not all could be told. Just look around, you’re sure to find Some scenery that can blow your mind! Copyright 2010, “Life Through My Eyes; A Collection of Poems” by John T. M. Herres Images taken from various Pinterest posts by other users. I do not own the rights to the pictures.

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